• Don't lose your perennial food plots to grass and weeds! July is a great month for checking your clover and alfalfa plots for grass and weed competition! We use Poast at 1.5 pints per acre with a surfactant for grass control and Butyrac (2,4-DB) at 1 quart per acre with a surfactant for broadleaf control.
  • Be sure to inspect your fruit and nut trees this summer for pests! Check out this video clip->Tent Catepillars
  • Check out the success we have had with our WMS Perennial Plus and the new Game Plot fertilizer by Denali Organics (a protein hydrolysate made from West Alabama grown catfish byproducts). Video Clip->WMS Perennial Plus food plot
  • Control weeds in your foodplots by adding Chicory to your fall plantings. Video Clip->Summer food plot weed control
  • Late summer maintenance tip for WMS Perennial Plus food plots. Video Clip ->Maintaining your WMS Perennial Plus food plot
  • Maximize your fall hunting opportunities in corn fields. Video Clip->Corn field food plot
  • Overwhelm your herd with summer food plots like WMS Pea Patch.->WMS Pea Patch

Summer Food Plot Tips